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Parking Lot Striping

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Parking Lot Striping

The importance of parking lot striping cannot be overstated. A well-maintained parking lot with clearly marked stripes and symbols creates a positive first impression for clients and customers. In addition, properly marked parking spaces help maximize parking space utilization, leading to more efficient traffic flow and fewer accidents. Furthermore, visible crosswalks, stop bars, and fire lanes promote pedestrian safety and can help reduce the risk of accidents. Overall, parking lot striping is an essential investment in the safety and appearance of your property.

Parking lot striping is the process of painting or marking lines, symbols, and signs on a parking lot surface. These markings serve to define parking spaces, guide traffic flow and enhance safety for pedestrians and drivers. Parking lot striping is an essential part of parking lot maintenance, as it not only improves the functionality of the lot but it also enhances the overall appearance of the property.

What Are The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping?

Parking lot striping improves safety for pedestrians and drivers by marking parking spaces, crosswalks, stop bars, and fire lanes. These markings guide traffic flow and help prevent accidents, making you lot a safer place for everyone.

Parking lot striping maximizes parking space utilization by clearly marking the boundaries of each parking space. A new and well-marked lot enhances the overall appearance of the parking lot, creating a positive first impression for clients and customers.

ADA Compliance

Did you know the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific requirements for public parking lots? Also, did you know owners can be fined if their parking lots do not meet the requirements? It is just good business to have a parking lot that is accessible to all. At Blue Line, we will ensure your parking lot meets current (ADA) requirements.

Why Hire A Professional?

While striping a parking lot might seem easy, there is a lot of time and knowledge that goes into striping a parking lot.  

A professional parking lot striping contractor will have access to the proper equipment and materials needed to complete the job to a high standard. We use high-quality paint, stencils, and other materials that are designed to withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions, ensuring that the markings are long-lasting and visible.

Parking lot layout to include proper spacing and size of parking spaces, adequate placement of handicap spaces and signage, and compliance with local codes and regulations is not easy.

Can You Restripe My Lot After Sealcoating?

Yes, we can restripe your parking lot after sealcoating. As a full-service asphalt maintenance company, we pride ourselves on being a one stop solution for all your parking lot management needs.

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